TransCommunication - the Latest Experiments & Images from the Afterlife  

Presented by Sonia Rinaldi

Discover for Yourself the Top Evidence of the Afterlife

Join Brazilian Researcher, Sonia Rinaldi for this special 2 hour presentation on her work and witness her current breakthroughs capturing images of loved ones in the Afterlife - THIS IS A FUNDRAISER FOR SONIA - as she never asks for anything and works non-stop on her afterlife experiments.

This event has passed but the wonderful video replay is available to watch now.

Sonia Rinaldi is co-founder and Research Director of IPATI - Institute of Advanced Research on Instrumental Transcommunication. Sonia is the author of 17 books and has been participating in research for over 30 years, getting the best results in the world, both in transimages and voices of the deceased. She is the subject of the upcoming documentary RINALDI - Instrumental TransCommunication to the Other Side.  Sonia's latest research, news and photographs of loved ones in the afterlife are available as part of a monthly Patreon Membership: https://www.patreon.com/sonia_rinaldi


Learn about the documentary "Rinaldi - Transcommunication from the Other Side" (currently in production)


Please Join Us for this Rare Opportunity

Proceeds of this event will be donated toward Sonia's afterlife research at the Institute of Advanced Research in Instrumental Transcommunication in Sao Paolo, Brazil


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