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We may be feeling sadness or grief yet loved ones are alive and well, still filled with love for us and want to prove to you their love continues. Join us for a wonderful demonstration of mediumship with two of the world's leading evidential mediums...Kerry McLeod and Philip Dykes, as they bring to you Messages of Love from the Spirit World. On Fridays, join physical and trance medium Scott Milligan for trance demonstrations. Scott's inspirers from the Unseen World will be sharing their words and answering your questions. Video replays will be given to all registered participants of any below 90 minute demonstrations.




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Kerry McLeod is a well-respected international Spiritual Medium from Scotland who regularly makes appearances throughout the UK and Europe. Kerry creates a professional and safe environment for students to unfold their Mediumistic abilities while meeting the needs of the modern student of today.  visit

Philip Dykes is a well-respected internationally known medium who demonstrates and tutors in Spiritual Centers throughout the UK and Europe. Philip’s attention is on blending in the essence of the spirit communicator, telling the story of life through evidential and accurate information.  Philip runs  “The Spirit and Soul Foundation” in the UK with Scottish medium Kerry McLeod. visit

Scott Milligan is world's foremost tutor of physical mediumship, trance and the altered states. With over 20 years of sitting in the darkness of the seance room, Scott's physical phenomena and direct voices of his spirit team and deceased loved ones, is extremely powerful to witness. Visit


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