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NEW TUESDAY CLASS!  Starting May 2021 "The Way to Your Spirit" is a place to contemplate and find your true authentic self and connect with your Spirit. With a mixture of Mindfulness, Meditation, Sitting In The Power and reflective practice, you will gain an understanding of self, your true spiritual essence and therefore a greater understanding of your purpose in life. You will enter into a world of spirituality feeling more in harmony with yourself, others and find balance and peace within your mind, body and spirit.
Manifesting change within you is what we refer to as the spiritualization of self.  Gaining a new perspective of the world with a more compassionate set of eyes, allowing you to differentiate from the important things from the unimportant.   You begin to become a more patient, understanding and better person, with a wish to give to the world, knowing that what you send out you will manifest in yourself.  How you are within your thoughts, words and deeds is how you become.
Your soul's essence can not be measured, seen, or weighed, as it is your faith, belief, values and intention. Your soul’s quality is your essence and cannot be touched physically, it can only be touched with prayer, love and emotion. It is your living thought, who you are, it is your spirit. (there will be no breakout rooms during this personal journey course)
Key Benefits
1. Balance and harmony within your mind.
2. The spiritualization of self.
3. Helps to find your true authentic self.
4. Creates intention and manifests change within self.
5. Inspires happiness of self inwardly and outwardly.

FOUR Great May/June Courses with THREE Extraordinary Tutors and Mediums

New students for our continuing education classes welcome the first week of every month - Video Replays sent to all. 100% Satisfaction Always Guaranteed

Choose from Mondays with Scott, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and / or Thursdays with Kerry and Phil or ALL of the courses for extra inspiration, joy and value!

Each 2 hour session begins at: 11AM Pacific, 12PM Mountain, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern, 7PM United Kingdom, 8PM Central Europe, 4AM SYDNEY (next day), 6AM Auckland (next day)

Join Scott on 4 Mondays in May

Course Dates:  May 3, 10, 17 & 24
 Join Scott Milligan on your personal journey into the trance and altered states.
Discover or deepen your connection with those who have stood silently by your side, encouraging and inspiring you from the Unseen World.  Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed. These 4 two-hour sessions are for the beginner and advanced alike. Video replay of each session included.

Join Phil and Kerry on 4 Tuesdays to Connect with Your Spirit

Course Dates: May 4, 11, 18, & 25 Tuesday's The Way to Your Spirit is an opportunity to find your true & authentic Self. Join Phil and Kerry on a journey through mindfulness, meditation, sitting in the power and reflective practice. Gain understanding and compassion for who you really are, your true self and a greater understanding of your purpose in life.  All who are interested are welcome to join.  Video replay of each session included. There will be no breakout rooms during this course.

Join Phil and Kerry on 4 Wednesdays for Psychic Development

Course Dates: May 5, 12, 19 & 26 Wednesday's Psychic development classes are your access ways to discovering or deepening your psychic abilities, which can lead to mediumship. Join Phil and Kerry as we discover the different ways to connect to your soul and the soul of others. For the beginner and advanced alike.  These 4 two-hour sessions will be interactive with your tutors and your fellow classmates! You will be required to remain in class for the two hours and take part in practice element of working in pairs. Video replay of each session included.

Join Phil and Kerry on 4 Thursdays for Mediumship

Course Dates: May 6, 13, 20 & 27  Thursday's Medium development classes are your next step to your psychic faculties to communicate with the soul of a person in the Spirit World.   This class is only available to students who have completed Phil and Kerry's Psychic Wednesday Class or trained with them on another medium course. You will be required to remain in class for the two hours and take part in practice element of working in pairs. For beginners, please join us for the Psychic Development Wednesday classes. Video replay of each session included.

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Mondays & Wednesdays in May $135

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Tuesdays & Thursdays in May $135

Wednesdays & Thursdays in May $135

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Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday $175

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Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays in May $200

Each course session will last approximately two hours with video replays to all registered students

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Scott Milligan is world's foremost tutor of physical mediumship, trance and the altered states. With close to 25 years of sitting in the darkness of the seance room, Scott's physical phenomena and direct voices of his spirit team and deceased loved ones, is extremely powerful to witness. Visit

Kerry McLeod is a well-respected international Spiritual Medium from Scotland who regularly makes appearances throughout the US, UK, Europe and provides mentorship and private readings in homes around the world via Zoom Online Meetings. Kerry creates a professional and safe environment for students to unfold their Mediumistic abilities while meeting the needs of the modern student of today.  visit

Philip Dykes is a well-respected internationally known medium who demonstrates and tutors in Spiritual Centers throughout the US, UK, Europe and provides mentorship and private readings in homes around the world via Zoom Online Meetings. Philip’s attention is on blending in the essence of the spirit communicator, telling the story of life through evidential and accurate information.  Philip runs  “The Spirit and Soul Foundation” in the UK with Scottish medium Kerry McLeod. visit

Sandra Champlain is the author of the #1 international bestseller, We Don't Die - A Skeptic's Discovery of Life After Death and host of We Don't Die Radio Show. Sandra has over 25 years of investigating the evidence of the afterlife with over 350 hours of interviews. She is the creator of How to Survive Grief and featured in the documentary film, We Don't Die. Visit

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